Image uploads incorrectly rotate after upload to asset library in Edge

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Using Edge, edit an image field under the Image Slider or Media Callout and upload a portrait oriented image. This one can be used to reproduce the bug:

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NextJS 14

Issue is still present. Bumping for visibility.

Hi @justinradomski

Thank you for reporting this potential bug to us. We’re trying to reproduce this in the Edge browser and will update you ASAP!

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@garima Any updates if the team was able to reproduce the error? Happy to provide any additional info if necessary.

Hi, I’m facing the same issue, but only with portrait images.

@garima Just an update here. I thought a temporary fix would be to use Chrome to upload the images, but the issue is occurring there as well. As @chrizzzly mentioned, this seems to be an issue with portrait oriented images.

I assume this has something to do with the images’ metadata. I fixed the issue by opening the image, rotating it, rotating it back, and saving it again. After that, the image won’t be rotated afterward.

You might be right. Another weird fix for me was renaming the file and reuploading, which presumably resets the bad metadata.