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Uploaded images are rotated 90deg

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I want to rotate the image. When I load this image on my Next.js web app, it’s rotated 90deg. The original image is not rotated.

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Hi @andrewnt219,

Can you share the original image file? There are various reasons for why an image may upload rotated, but to resolve this you can open the image in an editing program, rotate the image to the correct orientation, and reupload this image into Builder. I tested this here and the image displays as expected.

Hi @maddy, this is the original image. I did try to flip it left and right, but it always ended up in landscape mode.

I tested uploading the image you shared above to your Builder entry and it uploaded without rotating. Does it look as expected on your end?

In this forum, it works fine. But in the CMS, it’s rotated. Here’s a link to the uploaded image. https://cdn.builder.io/api/v1/image/assets%2F5a403aae3feb4af19dc433323d90974a%2F93a2c7179f504268894c044f8a3f6df7

Even when the preview show correctly

In Builder, I uploaded the image you sent above onto this page and it looks as expected on my end (not rotated). Can you check this page and let me know if it looks as expected?

You can see the image uploaded correctly here as well:

That’s really weird. Did you have to rotate the image or do any editing on your computer before uploading?

Ok, I figured it out. Oddly, if I download the image from this forum, it’s ok. But it’s rotated if I use the original image.