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Importing Shopify posts into Builder (in bulk)

Hi there,

Any ideas on how to import Shopify blog posts into Builder in bulk?

We have 2 content types in Shopify - Articles (standard blog posts) and Recipes (customised posts using Sections Anywhere) and want to import them in bulk into Builder.

We have approx 200 Recipes & 200+ Articles - so any automated ways of doing it would be appreciated. We also want to match up certain fields in the existing Shopify posts into new fields in the Builder templates; i.e. author, recipe ingredients, method steps, etc.

Has anyone had any experience doing this? Is there a tool that would scrape and import content in bulk into Builder?

Many thanks!

Hi @Ben!

Can you provide more details around what you’re wanting to achieve by importing posts into Builder? Are you using the Shopify app or are you building a headless site?

Hi @maddy !

Currently using Builder Theme Studio, but may well build it into a full headless site later on.
Essentially, trying to have more flexibility in content management, the ability to use Symbols and reusable content within articles, improve the structure & schema for our recipes - and reduce page load times.

Builder will also allow us to to remove a number of other apps that we are currently using.

Thanks for clarifying! We don’t have a built-in way to import Shopify blog content, but, if you have developer resources you can use the Builder write API to automate the process of creating entries. Otherwise, you will need to create new blog article entries manually in Builder.