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Error importing products from Shopify


Public API Key: 57808a82b3234de6a3e6b866b169608a

I’ve been importing all products from our Shopify test environment over to Builder.io for testing purposes.

I created a private app to connect to builder and it started importing the products.

What looks odd to me is this error:

I added API key, password, and Storefront access token:

Here are the permissions I have granted the private app:

Hi @carlos.feliz ,
Thanks for flagging this and the detailed explanation, syncing shopify products to Builder is in the process of being deprecated, it was originally introduced as a workaround for Shopify Storefront API rate limits which in retrospect proved to be not an issue for the vast majority of users.

Please ignore the syncing UI for now as it will be removed in next release and pull latest code from the starter where we hit the Shopify Storefront API directly for all things Shopify. ( in this commit )

Thank you for replying also thank you for fixing that!

Aziz, now I have the following scenario:

I pull the latest changes in the repo and created a new space, my question is, how do I track the importing process of the products? I mean, what Am I supposed to do to start the importing process other than enabling the Shopify plugin and connecting it to the private app.

Importing (and syncing) is not needed anymore if you pulled in the latest code from the starter, no need to wait for any importing process in order to use Builder with headless Shopify, you’ll be hitting the Shopify Storefront API directly

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