Integrating shopify and after private apps were deprecated

Im curious about the steps required to integrate shopify and builder after private apps were deprecated in jan '22. If anyone could help that would be extremely helpful.

Thanks for reporting @Dan - looks like we need to update our docs. Does following the same flows as documented but choosing a custom app instead of a private app work as hoped?

It follows a relatively similar flow in terms of setting up the custom app. From what I remember, configuring the Storefront and Admin API permissions comes after the creation of the app itself. However, the overall dashboard UI in shopify is different with the custom app in regards to finding the credentials and changing permissions.

After that, you’re provided an Admin API Access Token, Storefront API Access Token, and an API Key and Secret Key. No passwords are provided from shopify like shown in your docs. This may be the reason I havent been able to connect my shopify store to builder, but I’m not sure what to do to fix this.

Very helpful - thanks @Dan! We’ll take a look on our side to see what is required and circle back here with what we’ve found

Hey Steve, any update on the current problem?

Actively digging in, it looks like Shopify’s curveball is causing us more work to do than anticipated. But we are actively working on support for their new “custom app” system and will report here when ready. We hope it’ll just take a couple weeks

Is there another option that allows me to use builder to build out a custom frontend while still using shopify’s backend? And thank you for looking into it

Hi @Dan API updates are under way, as a workaround for now: only add storeDomain and storeAccessToken and ignore the rest of the config ( any value is fine ), there’ll be minor limitations with this approach until all APIs are updated, but you’ll be able to see and use all the new field types from shopify products/collections, does that unblock you?

Edit: I tried to use just storeDomain and storeAccessToken but I get the below description as a result.

I’m able to access my products but not actually use them. The two products from my store come up when I try to add a product in, but they wont actually work. I keep getting an error “We are having trouble connecting to your site” followed by " Please verify that your server at url [https://${space.siteUrl}/product/${previewProduct.handle}] is running as expected."

I’m really not sure what to do, is there anyway someone can run me through the exact integration process with Next.js and I have no idea what I’m doing wrong.

@Dan Headless Shopify plugin and APIs have been updated to accommodate custom apps, I’d remove the @dev if you’re using the dev version still as indicated in former message.

Please let us know if you still seeing any issues.