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Shopify Plugin uses deprecated api call

After setting up the Shopify plugin, got an email today about it using a deprecated api call. Here is the email from the Shopify apps team:

Hello there,

One or more of your apps have made deprecated API calls in the last 30 days. Support for this version will be removed on April 1, 2022. Please update the apps listed below to API version 2021-07 or later to ensure they continue to function correctly.

Store: redacted

App: builder.io
Breaking Changes:

  • The force_ssl field has been removed from the Shop REST Admin API. View change.

To learn how to update your apps, read the private app versioning deprecation guide. If you still have questions, chat with us in the API forums or contact us via Support.

Shopify Apps Team

Hi @will,

Thank you for letting us know. We also received the notice and will make sure to update the Builder Shopify app to use the newer API version before the deadline. In the meantime, everything should continue to function normally.

Sweet thanks for the update Korey!