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Syncing Builder with Shopify Store Stuck


I run into issues with syncing Builder with a Shopify store. I’ve tried a lot of workarounds to bypass the issue so the issue description might be a bit messy as I couldn’t find the root cause.

  1. My company has a Company Builder Account synced with a First Shopify Store and it worked well.

  2. During the development I used my Personal Buidler Account and synced it with the Second Shopify Store which also worked well. The syncing took around 1-2 hours and I run it 3 times there - all finished well.

  3. When moving developed changes to the Company Builder Account we did 2 things:

    • removed First Shopify Store in Shopify
    • updated the config of the Company Builder Account to use the Second Shopify Store which has been previously used for development and was synced with my Personal Builder Account


    • the synced started, first I’ve noticed that list of products disappeared and then appeared again, so I guess the list of products was synced well, though I’m not sure if this list was from the first (removed one) or second Shopify store

    • I’ve noticed that when adding products to the shopping cart there is an error in console and builder calls First Shopify Store domain. I’ve checked settings and it appeared that I forgot to update the Store Domain to a new one inside the Builder config.

    • The sync still was not completed but I’ve updated the Store Domain to a new one and run re-sync. But this time I got an error message “Uh oh! An error occurred :frowning: If this problem persists, please contact help@builder.io”. Also, at the same time I observed an error in the browser console 193.bdb597ed.chunk.js:10464 Error: [mobx-state-tree] Cannot modify 'AnonymousModel@/result/0(id: 1dced6be318a4c779d4d48c2812e6ee4)', the object is protected and can only be modified by using an action. see screenshot.

    • After that whatever I’ve tried to do I could not run re-syncing at it always returned the same error.

      • I’ve tried to remove plugin @builder.io/plugin-shopify@dev and add it again
      • I’ve tried to set some invalid settings for the plugin
      • I’ve tried to remove @dev from the plugin name

      Nothing helped, and there is only one sync was started and stuck, see screenshot.

  4. The second thing I’ve tried is to create a New Space in Company Builder Account and try to sync it with Second Shopify Store. This time the previous issue didn’t come up. But the syncing just stuck.

    1. First time syncing stuck even though I waited for 24 hours, see log screenshot
    2. Then I’ve created a New Private App in the Second Shopify Store and updated config in the
      New Space. I waited for 2 hours, but it looked stuck, see log screenshot
    3. The last thing I’ve tried is to change Webhook API version in New Private App to the 2021-01 as shown in the guide screenshot GitHub - BuilderIO/nextjs-shopify: The ultimate starter for headless Shopify stores. But it also didn’t help and it also stuck for 3 hours at the moment, see log screenshot.

Is there anything we may try to bypass such issues and sync the shopify store?


Hey @maxceem, thank you so much for reaching out and all the details you provided. We noticed an issue with the API that we’ll fix on our end and have since ran a re-sync request for your API key.

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Thank you @kara for re-syncing the store for us.
It really helps as it unblocks us for further work.

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@kara I think I am in a similar boat, I created a few different accounts/spaces which seems like its what broke things. I too have tried changing the plugins and urls but nothing. I have also tried on the API explorer. The call are succeeding and not failing due to auth but no products.

I think it all started with the initial “Sync Request” it seems like it may have failed. Below is the message I see.

Reset Product Model Content successfully
Reset Collection Model Content successfully
Bulk query failed, make sure the private app has access to your products.

Any ideas? kinda dead in the water here.