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Visual CMS integration - Stuck step 4/5

Hi, I am stuck between steps 4-5 of the CMS integration instructions as I don’t see the model pop up for instruction " You should be greeted by a modal asking for various Shopify API keys, this will allow Builder.io to import your products and register webhooks so that it’s updated when your Shopify products and collection change" located here GitHub - BuilderIO/nextjs-shopify: The ultimate starter for headless Shopify stores. Does this mean I have to integrate the Shopify $80/mo app on the other Builder product offering in addition to the CMS subscription in order to gain access to this piece of the instruction set?

Hi @gsp,

No need to sign up for a Theme Studio plan! To get to the shopify plugin configuration go to https://buikder.io/account/space and click :pencil2: on plugins, choose @builder.io/plugin-shopify from the list and add your shopify keys.

If you could send me your space’s public API key, we will investigate why you didn’t see the model popup!