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In-Site Editor Breaks on Blank New Page

I think I found a bug with Builder’s page functionality, when creating a new Page on the standard pages model, with a Blank template.


  1. Set up the Page model to support editing on our own site
  2. Create a new Page on the Page model
  3. Select Blank rather than an HTML template
  4. Get redirected to the page editor


  1. To see the page editor load fine


  1. The page editor breaks


  1. The new page record does not have any html key in the response from the API, when set up with a new template
  2. This then leads to us having no content from Builder to render to the page
  3. The editor then hangs, I guess it’s expecting other content on the page

Even if I allow the site to deal with the Builder response not having an HTML tag, and render the page just empty, the editor still breaks

it hangs like this:

And then shows the “we are having problems” modal

I don’t see any way to disable in-site editing either, to temporarily disable it and add some HTML to the empty page

I was able to work around this by reverting to the builder.live subdomain on the space, and then add a box in the page, and then put my site back in for the preview.

Definitely seems like a bug when setting up a new record

Hey @jballo, thanks for sending the reproduction steps our way-- this helps our technical team investigate!