Intermittent "We are having trouble connecting to your site"

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Builder content link

Builder public api key
go to Drag and drop page builder and CMS and copy your PUBLIC api key

Detailed steps to reproduce the bug
Several of us are working to build a website using the visual editor and multiple times a week we the following types of issues:

  • Struggle to access content (see error image)
  • Can’t update something, difficult to change assets, formatting text won’t update in the visual editor
  • General slowness

It will often be the case that only one or two people will be affected at a time.We are using builder for long periods of time making lots of changes. Is there anything that can be causing this? Are there any steps we can take to resolve these intermittent issues please?

Screenshots or video link

Code stack you are integrating Builder with

Hi @tech_differentdog, I’m sorry you’re experiencing these issues. This may be difficult to inspect since the issues seem to be intermittent. If you come across any other error messages that would be helpful too. For the content access issue, has there been any downtime on your amplifyapp staging site that could be related? For the formatting text/content update issue is this occurring for the native Builder text block or is it a custom component with text input? If you have a link to a test page I can play around with and try to reproduce that would be great. Thanks!