Unable to add blocks in visual editor

I’m building out a site but in the visual editor the ‘add blocks’ section doesn’t always appear where the BuilderComponent should be. There’s some errors in the JS console relating to fetching from firebase, is this the cause or is it more likely to be something in my code?

Building in gatsby with some custom components, but the site works outside of builder.io.

Currently the site is running locally as we haven’t set up hosting yet

Hi @edward-simpson welcome to the forum! It’s difficult to investigate while your site is still running locally. Is this happening randomly or are there any steps to reproduce? If you share your API key I can also try to see if anything stands out in our logs. Thanks!


It ended up resolving itself and I can’t for the life of me figure out what exactly did it! Do you know why all my posts have suddenly been marked as spam?!

Hi @edward-simpson , our forum has a flag for when a new user tries to create too many posts with links to the same domain (Builder.io in your case). I’ve increased the threshold a bit but if this happens again we’ll review your posts so it doesn’t get flagged as spam!