Internationalized Routing

I would have a specific question regarding multi-language support.

We will have different pages and with that also different urls for all the languages. NextJS is already set up with i18n configuration, but now what we can’t figure out is, how to connect the content in, that we know that /page1 in english is /page2 in german (so the url would be en/page1 and de/page2). We need this that if user is on /en/page1 and switches the language, he gets to /de/page2.

I hope i described it good enough :smiley:

Hi @tomi-timetac,

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Builder provides two targeting attributes available to everyone: Device and URL .

By creating your own custom targeting you can define the parameters you want to target and serve the content you want. You can learn how to create them at Targeting Content in Builder - and Custom Targeting Attributes.

Let us know if you have any further questions. Thank you!

Hi @tomi-timetac , there is a new forum post that will walk you through setting this up with Builder. You can check it out below!

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@ancheetah and @manish-sharma . Thank you for your help, i followed the tutorial but i had to change the .get options to this:

url: '/' + (params?.page.join('/') || ''),
userAttributes: { locale },
options: {

Now it works with the local targeting and routing in nextjs.