Is it possible to embed the builder interface in a Next.js app?

I have a Next.js app that’s a whitelabel for clients of my company that has a CRM too.
The whitelabel mainly gets configs from our backend, and based on the URL it looks at our database and load the configs for that specific domain.
We are developing a template feature, where users can customize their website based on a preset of configs, that change components and the layout of the website.
Is it possible to embed Builder at my whitelabel, directly on my app, and make the users able to change only their own website with the visual builder? Without changing my whole app, that runs on a single container, but changes visuals by domain? For example, a user making changes from ‘’ will not affect the app running at ‘’. It’s the same app, same container but different domains.

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Hello FRNLucas,

Thank you for the inquiry! To pursue whitelabeling /w Builder, please reach out to our Buidler Reps at to learn more. Our Sales Team would be able to provide you with the information to get started.

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Hey there! Your project sounds intriguing! As for embedding the builder interface in your Next.js app, it seems feasible. You could potentially integrate it directly into your white label app, allowing users to customize their sites hassle-free.