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Is There Any External IP Banning Systems Available?

Sorry if this is off-topic to builder, but I really need someone’s help. Someone is spamming cuss words on my site built for kids. I’ve tried to build an IP Ban system, but just returns the host’s (running the website) IP. I need an external program that I can put on the page via HTML to block the user for spamming. Please help!

hey @joecooldoo I am very sorry to hear that! Unfortunately we do not offer anything like this out of the box…as you mentioned, you would want to include some solution within your app itself. The good news is that we don’t really put any limitations on your app, so once it is integrated on your end it shouldn’t affect your sites integration with Builder.

Best of luck with this issue!

Thank you so much! I meant any other website that would help with this. I’m glad this wont affect builder and the time I put into making the site. Thank you for your time.