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Issue with getting Visual Data deep references

hi there I’m trying to build a menu with Visual data, so the object looks like this:
“menuItems”: [
“subMenuItems”: [],
“title”: “Air Purifiers”,
“url”: “/#air-purifiers
“subMenuItems”: [],
“title”: “Humidifiers + Diffusers”,
“url”: “/#humidifiers-diffusers
“menuName”: “Main Menu”,
“url”: “/main-menu”

here menuItems and subMenuItems are references to different content entries

The issue here is that I set subMenuItems and published it but I don’t get them in API response.

is there any param I should send in request to get subMenuItems included in response. Also how deep can I get entries?


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Hi @Yurii, you can include references by using the includeRefs query param.

By using that param the API will only include references in the requested doc, i.e one level down and you’ll need to make a separate API call to get the the other levels.

Hi Aziz, I am having the same issue where I only get references one level down.
I unfortunately cannot make separate API calls to get the other levels.
Can you perhaps suggest an alternative?
If not, is there a possibility of retrieving all references in a future release of builder?

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