Couldn't get the reference data from the parent data

Step to reproduce:

  1. Adding component with input reference model data (model-1)
  2. CMS model: model-1 and model-2
  3. model-1 has field reference it to model-2

Issue: I can fetch the model data (model-1) but along the way, I couldn’t get the model-2 under model-1. It was displayed only the reference id for the model-2


model-1 {
   title: "test"
   description: "test2",
   model-2 (reference): {
    referenceID: 12345,

how can I get the full data of model-2?

FYI: I did add the includeRefs=true in options for both builderComponent and builder.get.

Hi @aaesis, I Hope you’re doing well!

The includeRefs option will only get data for references one level deep. For a reference in a reference you can use the id and/or model returned to perform additional queries to inner references. Soon, we will have a direct option available for this, the team working on it!

Let us know if you’ve further questions!