Include multiple references when calling the entries

Hi, how can I include more than one reference when calling the entries?
I have this code

    const builderInterview = await builder
      .get('interview', {
        options: { includeRefs: true },
        query: { 'data.slug': params.slug }

Which has a field that is a reference to a Chat Highlight and that Chat Highlight also has a field which is a reference to an author. The author entire shows like this:

@type: ""
id: "dc239b9b5be441c29eb7f85b6fdb4641"
model: "hosts"

Is there a way to include more than one reference in the tree?


Hi! can I get some help here? thanks!!

Hey @emiliano, the includeRefs option will only get data for references one level deep. For a reference in a reference you can use the id and/or model returned to perform additional queries to inner references.

For what it’s worth, the TypeScript types suggest

builder.get('model-name', { includeRefs: true })

which seems to do the same thing as

builder.get('model-name', { options: { includeRefs true } })