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I’m having a strange issue which looks to me like a bug.
I have created a symbol to show multiple products coming from an external API (and saved in the state object).
Each product is a custom component that has been registered and binds the input data.
This seems to work well, as can be seen in Drag and drop Visual CMS

However, when using this symbol on our homepage, the symbol remains empty, even though the external api has returned products (there is a console.log in the symbol to return the url it has connected to as well as the state object)

I can see various errors in the console related to properties of the products I’m trying to bind.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Code stack you are integrating Builder with

Check this out, hope it is helpful:

Hi @radikris ,

Thanks for getting back to me.
So those steps described I have already done.
I did notice that moving from the html api to the content api resolved the issue, so will do that for now.


Hi @vperrin yes it is expected that custom components will not work with the HTML API.

You can see a more detailed explanation here: