Issues with Shopify Custom Liquid Components in Fallback Editor

I have just created a custom Liquid component for a Shopify-hosted Builder project, and it is appearing successfully as a Liquid Block in the editor, but when I add the block to content I don’t get any options to add any inputs.

I am trying to work on a new Blog Post on a Shopify store, and every time I open it in Builder’s visual editor I get error messages, meaning I am forced to always use the Fallback Editor.

Are custom Liquid components supposed to work in the Fallback Editor? If not, what might be the cause of the loading errors?

In the console, there are a lot of FirebaseError: Missing or insufficient permission errors, I don’t know if this is related.

Hi @dominicw,

Liquid components will only work on pages where your site is the preview URL, loading the fallback editor uses a Builder URL. Can you share the link to the Builder entry this error is occurring on? I’d be happy to take a look!

Hi @maddy , thank you for clarifying that Liquid components require the site to be the preview URL. I’ve had another look and I think it might therefore be that I don’t yet have a Liquid template that renders the content coming from Builder. I’ll try creating one and see if that fixes everything. If not, I’ll report back with some more info!

Hi @maddy . I am now getting this error:

Is there a way I can send you some more information privately so you can investigate?

Hi @dominicw,

You can message me in the forum with the link to the entry this is occurring on or email us at This error may be resolved by navigating to your Builder account settings → advanced settings → advanced → toggle proxy previews on.

Thank you @maddy ! I’ll try that, if that doesn’t fix it I’ll follow up on Monday.