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On the homepage (see content link above) some elements in the first symbol should be clickable, like the “Read & Shop” button, the title of the post and the text. However through the QWIK api none of them is, only the image.

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Hey @vperrin, it looks like your “symbol” isn’t saved in a Symbol model. Can you try creating a section model called “Symbol” and move it there? Then it should show up in the My Symbols section of the Insert tab for you to drag and drop onto the page. This guide below has more details about setting up symbols. Let me know if this makes a difference!

My apologies, spoke too soon! I played around some more and found that with Qwik API this can be reproduced for text links outside of symbols as well. Appears that adding a URL at the block level in the “Link URL” field works ok but dynamic href data bindings do not. I’ll go ahead and submit a ticket for this bug and update you here.

Excellent, thanks for the update @ancheetah

Fix has been deployed. This should be resolved

Hi @Misko , thanks for getting back to me.
I tested it, but I don’t think it is working.
Have a look at our staging environment using the qwik api (no cache) compared to our production environment using the html api. On production you can click on the blog post titles and on Read & Shop, but these links are not returned by the qwik api.



Oops, you are right; the proper fix should go out in a few hours, so it should be ready when you wake up.

Thanks, it’s working now!


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