Links not being rendered in Qwik app when using data binding

Builder content link

Builder public api key

Detailed steps to reproduce the bug

  1. Add a Text block to a builder page.
  2. Bind the “Link URL” via element data bindings
  3. Connect to a Qwik app
  4. Notice that the link is not generated.

Things to note

  • This works fine in NextJS
  • I can get it to work if i set the html tag to an anchor and bind the html tag “href” to the data I want (4th example in the screenshot below)

Screenshots or video link

Code stack you are integrating Builder with

Reproducible code example

Hi @Simon,

We were able to reproduce this possible issue as well and therefore a ticket has been raised for our engineering team to further investigate and fix. We will try and update you as soon as we have any insight from them. We really appreciate your feedback. Thank you!