Linking Existiting section to a snippet in shopify

So I am trying to follow the documentation about creating custom liquid components but the drop-down about liquid components just has a link directing to the mentioned documentation

The section was created as a section model within the blog post page type. as the documentation says, I am doing drag and drop to the file string.block.liquid directly to the liquid components drop-down in the insert tab.

any hints about why is not showing the liquid snippets drop-down? I believe they are the same but I am not sure. what could I possibly be missing that the drag and drop is not working?
Thank you!

Hi Lucas, can you share your public API key so that I can take a look?

Hi @Lucas ,

Thanks for sharing that. Can you check to make sure you saved the file in the right theme? If that doesn’t help, can you share the code that you put in the snippet?