Live Previewing Children Components

I have a page with the a BuilderContent component.

    {(data) => (
        <ChildComponent description={data.description} />

And while data.title rerenders perfectly fine while previewing/editing within builder. However, the ChildComponent remains fixed.

Any one have suggestions?

Hello @brucewyne,

Could you please share your ChildComponent code? We tested it on our end and did not encounter any issues. Custom components inside seem to render correctly.

      <Box sx={{ flexGrow: 1 }}>
        <Grid container spacing={2}>
          <Grid xs={12}>
                options={{ includeRefs: true }}
                {(data, loading, fullContent) => (
                      {/* Render meta tags from custom field */}
                      <meta name="description" content={data?.blurb} />
                      <meta name="og:image" content={data?.image} />


                      {/* Render custom component  */}
                      <TextField id="outlined-basic" label={data?.title} variant="outlined" />

                      {/* Render the Builder drag/drop'd content */}
                        options={{ includeRefs: true }}
                        data={{ article }}

Yeah - nevermind this was on me. The props I was passing to components were nested refs. Thankfully as part of your response, you showed me how to include them! Happy accidents!