Long reply to get blog posts from the model

Hi! Here is my issue:

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I want to decrease loading time while getting articles from builder. For now waiting is sometimes about 5 seconds. We have about 730 articles in the “Blog articles” model.

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Hi @ElijahModestov,

Can you clarify where you are getting the blog data (e.g. builder.get or as a data source in the editor)? If you don’t need access to all 730 articles in your Blog articles model, you could try adding a limit to get however many you need which could reduce response time.

Hi @maddy ,
We’re using builder.get and we download only 50 articles at once. Maybe its also possible to download data without some fields when its necessary to lighten the response.

Thanks for clarifying! You can see a list of options the builder.get and builder.getAll methods can be passed here, including fields and omit.