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Missing Blocks in Live Page Vs Draft

This is the content piece I’m looking at. Builder.io: Drag and drop page builder and CMS

This is my public key: 724cb5ccc643456689baea6065de3cf4

The Live Page is missing HTML Blocks relative to the Preview, so if I render the react component, certain blocks are missing.

On the preview in this gyazo link you can clearly see the accordion rendered. Screenshot - 819e8491c9cd232ddaed3abfef6e2747 - Gyazo.

When I try to render the react component, it fetches the content succesfully, but then doesn’t render the accordions.
Screenshot - 646e4e9fd30aa66f7bf2335e7acbac8f - Gyazo.

If anyone knows if this has anything to do with React.JS specifically I would like to know because the preview page obviously renders it successfully. The only difference between mine on localhost, and the preview is that the HTML dom for the preview is hydrated. I don’t know what the real reason is for the lack of rendering, and it would be helpful if someone could help!