Multi filtering solution


I have an question, is there possibillity to add multiple filtering in basic configuration? Currently there is only option “and” I think…

For example I am on Page Models on Pages and I would like to filter pages with 4 different names.
Is there is possibility to do it by “Filter” somehow? For example name of the pages should be separate by ; or , - but it is not working.

Thanks in advance.

Hey @mateuszad Welcome to the Builder Forum! While the UI might not have an explicit “or” option, you can still filter pages using a custom query. Here’s an example query you can use:

  "$or": [
        { "name": { "$regex": "-" } },
        { "name": { "$regex": " ;" } }

I’ve also prepared a loom video to provide a clearer understanding. If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, feel free to ask.