Query Search by three fields

Can someone help me with this?
Using https://cdn.builder.io/api/v3/content
I need to do a search query with three parameters
I have tried with

  "limit": "25",
"collection": "content",
"query.published.$ne": "archived",
"query.$or[0].name.$regex": "(?i)Maxi",
"query.$or[1].data.param1.$regex": "(?i)Maxi"
"query.$or[2].data.param2.$regex": "(?i)Maxi"

but I got no results

If I put only

  "limit": "25",
"collection": "content",
"query.published.$ne": "archived",
"query.$or[0].name.$regex": "(?i)Maxi"

I got results

once I separate the query it brings results, all together, no results

thanks in advance

Hello @Shintaro,

Welcome to the builder.io forum.

Below is an example that does query search based on multiple fields

  'query.name.$eq': 'Qwik Blog 2023',
  'query.published.$ne': 'archived',
  const articles = await builder.getAll("blog-article", {
    limit: 30,
      'name': {$ne: 'Qwik Blog 2023'},
      'lastUpdated': {$ne: "1686026776524"},

Thanks for the reply, but I think it does not solve my issue…
Please have a look on these images, I’m trying to do a search for content in builder.io search

As you can see if I search for Maxi on previewDescription it does not returns results.


Hello @Shintaro,

We were able to verify that this could be a potential bug in our SDK, and we have escalated it internally to our engineering team for further investigation and final resolution.

We will let you know when it is fixed.

If it helps you can try the below query, which seems to work when using multiple search fields

Note: Update [builder-model-id] and [your-builder-api-key] with your own