Multiple Entries or Single Page with Dynamic ID?

In our application, we display a list of articles on the landing page. When a user clicks on an article, we want to show the respective article details on a separate page (e.g., /article/{id}). Is it possible to achieve this dynamically in

We’re considering two approaches:

Creating a article page model and add a new entry for each article with unique URL. This would require creating a separate entry for each article, resulting in potentially many entries for a large number of articles.

Alternatively, can we use a single page entry for articles and dynamically pass an id as a data prop to construct the dynamic URL (/article/{id}). Then, we’d filter the respective article value from the data model.

Is the second approach feasible in, or is there another recommended way to achieve this dynamically?
Thanks in advance

Hello @Devika,

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To assist you with the implementation of a blog article detail page, you can find detailed guidance in the article we’ve referenced below:

This resource should provide you with the necessary steps and insights for your project. If you have any additional questions then do let us know.

Thank you!

Got it. Thanks @manish-sharma