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New user observations

  1. I don’t like that some buttons have hidden dual actions. i.e. align center, if clicked twice, will fully expand box.

  2. I wish the text editor was more advanced. i.e. could one-click superscript and subscript, line spacing, wrap text or shrink text to fit box, etc.
    2a. I like how easy it is to add custom fonts.

  3. Add a page template that has a lot of advanced features so I can use them or reverse engineer to see how they were added/modified. Especially responsive things.

  4. Increase template library, and/or add more versions of current templates.

Thanks so much for taking the time to send us your feedback! We’re always looking to improve our users’ experience with the platform. We just changed the buttons you mentioned in #1 :slight_smile: We’ll definitely explore the option of adding those other features to our roadmap soon.