Edit Builder.io custom code & CSS outside of the Builder GUI

For context, I am a web dev with several years experience prior to using Builder.io.

Something I miss about my non-Builder.io workflows is the ability to have code open in a separate window. Typically that would be my IDE of choice, currently Visual Studio Code.

In Builder.io, editing any custom code or CSS opens the code in a lightbox/overlay which obscures most of the page that is being affected by said code. The existing sidebar code textboxes, i.e. for Custom Code modules, are too small to be helpful for all but the shortest lines of code.

I would really love the ability to open custom code/CSS in a pop-out window (or even better, some sort of plugin for VSCode) so I can keep code in view alongside the rest of Builder.io’s GUI + alongside the editor view of the page I am modifying.

Hi @ReavoEnd,

Welcome back to the builder.io forum.

We really appreciate your feedback, we have been working on improving our editor UI lately, hoping those updates will be deployed soon. Regarding the ability to open custom code/ CSS in a pop which does sound like a great feature to have, I request you, kindly submit a feature request and upvote at Builder.io Ideas

Thanks for your valuable feedback.

I believe I submitted something similar to Builder.io Ideas several months ago, but it has yet to be reviewed so I can’t view or upvote it.

I’ll submit this specific iteration of the idea again today, just in case. Thanks.

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Hi @ReavoEnd,

Do you know the number of posts you submitted? When you create an issue you should receive a confirmation email from support@aha.io with the link to the ticket. Generally, there isn’t a pre-review process, so any tickets created should be visible on the board. If you can share it with us I would be happy to pass it along to the team directly!"

I have submitted two at most. I never received an email for either of them. The only email I’ve received from that address, ever, is to confirm my account’s email address.

None of the ideas I’ve submitted show up anywhere in the Builder.io Ideas GUI. “My ideas” reads as zero.

When I submit an idea, I get a message saying “you will not be able to view your idea until someone on the team has reviewed it.”

Hi @ReavoEnd,

We are investigating this further to figure out why no notifications are sent out to you when submitting the feature request and also we have requested to review all features submitted by you to our team. I’ll update you as soon as we have any insights on this. Thank you!

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