Using IDE online editor like codesanbox, stackblitz with

Hello, Is there a way to connect to codesanbox space instead of localhost? It can be codesanbox or other tool for online editing stackblitz, gitpod. If yes, how to connect it?

Hi @shibaver, Welcome to Forum!

Thanks for this question. Yes, you can connect with any Online IDE like code sandbox. I would say it depends on the Code stack you are integrating Builder with. I’ve linked a CodeSandbox link with a working React integration for reference: src/App.js:0-1220

Let us know if you face any issues while integrating or have further questions!

Thanks, I will be using nextjs but react example is sufficient. I just wonder what should i do next.
I forked the repo but when I change and put my API KEY instead of yours, i have status “Not found”.
What should I do to link that repo to my dashboard (so i can see in my dashboard this example page for editing).

Hey, I’m glad to hear that, you made it one step closer. You may find further help at Integrating Pages -

Feel free to reach us if it doesn’t help!

@shibaver, I created a repo with instructions for getting set up with CodeSandbox here: GitHub - buildquick/builder-repro-react. Maybe you could use that as inspiration?

I originally wanted to use StackBlitz, but that platform has a technical limitation that causes a conflict with the React SDK. Further discussion here: React SDK custom bindings don't execute within StackBlitz VM

Thanks, @ersin for sharing this!

@shibaver, We hope this helps, let us know if you need further guidance-happy to help you out!