Next.js - content: { status: 404, message: 'Model not found' } in PROD


  • Next.js
  • TypeScript
  • Builder React SDK V1 / SDK V2

When I’ve created a builder account, the link to app was http://localhost:3000/

In dev environment everything works fine, when I’m building and starting the app on local everything is fine too.

When the app is building in Jenkins fetch to returns undefined.
When I tried to upgrade to V2 SDK I saw this error message.
content: { status: 404, message: 'Model not found' }

But the on local everything works fine.

Should I somehow make content public? Or what can be the issue?

Hello @sergey_petrinich,

Welcome to the forum post.

Could you please provide more context regarding the issue you mentioned: “When the app is building in Jenkins, fetch to returns undefined”?

Sharing screenshots or providing a small GitHub repository would greatly assist us in understanding and addressing the issue more effectively.

Thank you.