Next.js + Shopify + keeps crashing when clicking on product to view

Next.js + Shopify + keeps crashing when clicking on product to view.
Every time click on a product in preview mode the whole app crashes.

I get this error: node: …/src/isolate/environment.h:360: v8::Local ivm::IsolateSpecific::Deref(Functor) [with Functor = ivm::ClassHandle::GetFunctionTemplate() [with Type = ivm::LibraryHandle]::<lambda()>; Type = v8::FunctionTemplate]: Assertion `key <= detail::IsolateSpecificSize’ failed.

Hello @Jadepage,

Welcome to the forum post.

Could you kindly share the live page or builder content link where we can reproduce this error?

Hi @manish-sharma ,

Thank you, I’m running it locally at the moment.
How do I share the builder content link?

Hello @Jadepage,

We suspect the issue could be related to dependencies. Which node version are you currently using? Also, could you let us know which version of Shopify-buy you are using?

Hi, I’m using node v20.11 and shopify 2.0

I would recommend you try using node 18, and upgrade Shopify buy plugin to “shopify-buy”: “^2.16.1”

Let us know how that works for you!

Thank you!

The dependencies appear to be in good order. Have you considered trying a different version of node? You can use nvm to install and manage multiple versions of node simultaneously.