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Cannot connect to builder.io using next.js

Hi I’m going through the next.js/shopify tutorial but I can’t seem the get the server up and running. I am getting some vulnerabilities when installing the cli and npm i command, I have also tried to run the npm audit fix --force command but it seems to break the dependencies even more. If anyone can offer me some help I would really appreciate it

I have tried a whole bunch of things but nothing seems to work

Hey @kadwill thanks for the detailed screenshots! We can’t reproduce on our end, but we’ll take a look to see what dependencies may be missing or need adjustments. Thanks for your patience!

Hi @kadwill, just looping back with some details that we found!

  1. We see C:\Users\kadeem\Documents\... vs C:\Users\kadeem\documents\... (Documents vs documents). Can you try fixing this?

  2. npm audit fix will try and upgrade dependencies but its not guaranteed that things will work with new versions.

  3. At the end of the output it shows starting server on, does this work? Can you send us a screenshot of that URL loaded in the browser?

the URL does not work. When I run npm audit fix I have to --force because nothing happens and when I do so it seems the break the dependencies even more

Thanks for clarifying! Were you able to fix the Documents / documents issue? Can you replicate your work in a Codesandbox or Github repo and share it with us? Thanks!