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No page found for this URL

I have created a subdirectory on my website to test the builder… and the results are: No page found for this URL

I uploaded from git examples/plan-js

  • index.html
  • src/index.js
  • src/index.css

I am using vanilla HTML. So i was getting the error on the line:
import ‘./index.css’;

so i just added the stylesheet ref in HTML head.

in configuration, i put:
Site URL: https://myliverflush.com/builder.io/

in Targeting, i put:
Url Path Is /

Did I set up targeting and site URL correctly?
builderApiKey i used “Public API Key” is that the same???

Thanks for reaching out! The url of the page on your site is /builder.io, so you’ll want to make sure to target the content to match that page. For example: https://myliverflush.com/builder.io/?builder_editing. Feel free to reach out with any additional questions!