OpenAI Key needed in Figma and not in App

Why is it needed for the Figma plugin “” the OpenAI Key but for the builder app isn’t?

Hello @Kanellaman,

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Our Figma plugin offers features like the Generate option which uses openAI to generate multimedia content. To utilize this Genarte feature along with other features, an OpenAI key and credit are required.

So the feature that utilizes chat gpt is only available through the figma plugin? Or it is the same in the app at the site? I am using the app at the site and no OpenAI key is needed. Is it because the web app doesnt use chat gpt?

Hello @Kanellaman,

In Builder Visual editor, Chat GPT is indeed employed to generate content. However, an OpenAI key is not required from the customer. Builder utilizes its own key, as we manage the subscription charges for our services.

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