Placing a Button over Video

I might be doing something wrong but when a button is placed over a video component the button is no longer clickable.

Any idea on how I could fix this?

I can set the video to a background but I feel like this will affect the performance of the site?

Hi @MikeM, Welcome to Forum!

Could you please share the builder content entry link where you’re facing this issue in implementation?

Hey thanks,

Is this the link you are referring too?


When placing a button within a photo the button is still usable but when placed within a video it is not. I tried playing with the zindex but no luck.

@MikeM, Thanks for sharing this, looks like you are running on localhost so I will not be able to test it directly.

I tried in my space and the button on the video works fine. I added z-index:2 to the button layer.

Thanks for checking, is your button just visible or can you click it as well?

When I try this the button is visible but you cannot interact with it.