Column Appears Covered in 1 view, then a gap below it in another

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  • The column that contains “3 // Smile” with the woman’s photo appears overlapped/cut off in one view (desktop). (There is custom code here to anchor link to the video section so I don’t want to interfere with that in case that’s a potential issue).

  • On mobile, the video play button appears overlapping the woman’s photo. (Screenshot attached)

Can someone assist if I am overlooking something? I’ve tried working on this and can’t get it. We really want this adjusted for our Prime Day launch in the morning.

Thank you in advance!

Hi @racheldbailey,

The overlapping issue and video play button issue was due to the fixed height of the column and boxes.

The image width for “3//smile” is set to a fixed value of 593px. Kindly update that to 100vw and that should fix the mobile view too.

Let us know if you have any further questions or concerns. Thank you!

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I just checked and it looks like that fixed it! Thank you so much.

I know I’ve had several questions. I’m still learning Builder, so I greatly appreciate your help!

Glad to hear that most of those issues are fixed. Feel free to reach out to us for any further questions or concerns. Thank you!

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I noticed the custom coding for the video was hidden.

We need that to still function. It’s anchorlinked to the video section. (Customers scan a QR code and it takes them there.)

Can we re-implement that, without it causing a display issue?

It was just fixed. :wink:

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Certainly, you can use the visibility section under the style tab to hide or unhide them on different devices.

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