Plugins to the html (richtext) editor

Hi, I have a doubt about the plugins. I need to have some custom components in thee HTML editor, the plugins option only works with enterprise plans? thanks

Hi @emiliano, while Builder offers many free plugins, you can only use private plugins with an enterprise plan. Can you please give more details about your tech stack? If you are using our HTML API then custom components are not supported through the API. There is however a workaround with webcomponents which lets you add custom components to your pages.

Registering Web Components for Use in Builder’s Visual Editor

Hi! thanks for answering. Currently, I have a data model for blogs, and one field (the one that contains the blog post article) is an HTML editor (richText). I also want to be able to render in the article some custom components I have in my code (for example a custom video block, and a scene that receives a URL)… So, looking for a solution, I thought that maybe the HTML editor (richText) might be extended with plugins to receive those components.

Hi @emiliano, I’m not sure what framework you are using but here is some general guidance on creating a blog. For Shopify hosted sites you can easily create a blog with Builder using this guide . Or to create a blog with Builder and Next.js you can follow this guide and take a look at this example in Github to see how we set up our blog at To add categories and tags you can add custom fields to your blog article model.

Create a Blog in Builder using our Shopify Theme Studio
Create a Blog in Builder with Next.js
Next.js Blog Article Example
Using Custom Fields in Builder

As for using custom components, take a look at this guide to get started with registering and using them:

Using Your React Components in