Pre-scrolling carousel

Hey! I’ve got a question about Carousel and how to pre-set them to scroll on their own before you hover over them and then stop scrolling once you first hover over it. I assume this is possible with some custom code but haven’t been able to find a great way of doing it yet. Would appreciate any thoughts! Thanks

Hi @jackmielke, Welcome to Builder Forum!

You can use Built-in Builder carousel templates or Drag and drop a carousel block onto your page. Then follow a few steps:

  1. Select the carousel layer and navigate to the options tab
  2. Click “Show advanced” and enable “Autoplay"

When you hover on Carousel, it will stop autoplay till hovering continues but if you don’t want to continue the autoplay after the first hover then you need to add custom js events. For example, you can bind the autoplay speed value to the state, so you might be able to do this by adding on-mouse-enter and on-mouse-leave events that change the autoplay speed from a small number (to change slides) to a really big number (so big it’s unlikely someone will wait that long)

The Builder carousel uses Slick, so you can navigate here to learn more about responsive settings and functions available to the carousel component.