Query against multiple Models?

I have a few Content Models in which 90% of the fields are the same. However, each model has a unique set of fields. Ideally Builder would allow showing conditional fields based on the value of another field. Another topic mentions that not being possible.

So now I’m wondering if it’s possible to query 3 different models as one and paginate through them?

In order to have a constrained and concise user interface without a bunch of superfluous optional fields within one model, it almost feels like I need to go through some extreme measures to make this work.

Hi @brucewyne! Currently our content API calls are all based on the specific model, so if you wanted to query multiple models at the same time you would need to use a unique API call for each model. You could then combine the results and filter / sort as needed, using limit and offset to paginate.

If you have very similar fields I would recommend using the same model with a field that can select which type it is. Currently we do not have the ability to hide / show fields based on other fields, as you said, but if you think this would be useful I recommend creating a feature request at ideas.builder.io and our team will take a look! It is already possible to do something similar with custom component fields, so I think it is something we definitely intend to implement at some point.

Depending on what the extra fields are, also, they may be easy to minimize, such as an object or list input type. Try those options out and see if they work for you !