Qwik integration not working for builder.io

I have been trying for a few days to get Qwik and builder to work together. nothing. I change the name of my Qwik app. That’s the only thing I changed everything else is done copy and pasted I have attached 3 images please let me know if their is anything else you need to help me. I’m just not sure why its not work I would love to have this work.

EDIT: changed the topic hopefully this is in the right topic area now. also I re tried everything by making a new project and changing nothing and I am still having the same issue

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Hi Dom, thanks for sharing these screenshots. Can you confirm if your public API key is inside quotes (like a string) and if you have allowed “unsafe” http connections in your browser? If this doesn’t help, would you be willing to share your public API key so I can take a look?

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Hi Dom and Sarah!

I’m having this same issue. I made my own forum topic about it that was very detailed, but Akismet temporarily hid it due to possible spam. I think it didn’t like how often I accidentally linked to the Builder homepage.

My API key is inside quotes like “1234567890abcdef” and I have allowed “unsafe” http connections in my browser. If you have the ability to un-hide my topic I’d appreciate that so I don’t have to retype everything.

Long story short it looks to me like it may have issues with old references to mutable() in the codebase

Thank you!

Hi @kaBeech, thanks for sharing that as well! I am able to reproduce this error, but I got it working by downgrading to version “0.9.0” of @builder.io/qwik. Can you try to see if that works for you as well as a temporary fix?

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Thanks @sarah! That seems to work

What are my chances on getting my original topic post un-hidden? I worked hard to write clearly and provide necessary detail and the automated message I had received on Saturday said:

I eventually opened a support ticket which was replied to this morning - the nice support person just said they were here to help but didn’t unblock my post or reply to my response to them.

I had actually asked in the topic I posted about how to downgrade the version, but I figured it out today.

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Also, in case this is helpful for anyone else reading, this is how you downgrade to version “0.9.0” of @builder.io/qwik

In your app directory (e.g. /qwik-app), run these commands:

npm remove @builder.io
npm install @builder.io/qwik@0.9.0 --save

All the best! :blue_heart:

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I’m glad that worked for you, thanks for letting me know! Is there anything in your other forum post that you still need help with?

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You’re very welcome!

Nothing else really, other than some clarity/transparency about the spam blocking procedure:

  • How do I avoid getting marked as spam in the future?

  • Will having a post blocked and not reviewed increase the chances that my future posts will be blocked?

  • Do those actually get reviewed at some point?

  • If a topic of mine is blocked in the future, will posting again to try to get my message read make the spam blocker even more mad at me?

In this case I was able to get help because someone else had the same issue as me at the same time and I was able to piggyback off their post, but I felt a little stranded in trying to get support through regular channels

Yes it is here is the public api key that I am using. Also if i decide to deploy this to the web is the public api key hold any client information? only asking because i just want to know if i need to make a new api key not sure how builder works still very new
BUILDER_PUBLIC_API_KEY = ‘5d55ad700d16452785d51d047014c0aa’;

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Nope, no client information should be shared! These public API keys should be pretty safe to post. As far as I know they just help your Builder account connect to the code you’re using. No real danger from someone knowing it if they can’t also log into your account, as far as I know.

If you haven’t yet, I’d recommend trying the downgrade fix that Sarah suggested using the code I posted - I bet it will work for you too!

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Good questions I actually too would like to know the answers. This is the first time I am active in a forum and didn’t know you could be spam. I did see that they are a wear of that mutable problem and are going to be fixing it.

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Great! Generally if someone posts or reacts to something in the forum a lot in a short period of time the post could be flagged as spam, but I’m not able to tell exactly why your post was flagged. Although it is hidden in the forum, the support team does receive a copy of your post either way, so it will still be reviewed.

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Thanks! Can you try downgrading to version 0.9.0 of @builder.io/qwik to see if that works as a temporary fix for you as well?

And yes, your public API key can be shared publicly. Please note there is a separate private API key that should not be shared.

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For what it’s worth, if for whatever reason anyone out there wants a workaround without downgrading, you can also just remove instances of _useMutableProps from node_modules/@builder.io/sdk-qwik/lib/index.qwik.cjs and node_modules/@builder.io/sdk-qwik/lib/index.qwik.mjs :smile_cat:

And @sarah, I think I owe you an apology - for some reason I thought I saw you listed as a staff member on that page and assumed you were one of the folks who review those spam alerts. Thank you so much for helping us get through this blockage, and for your tact discussing things beyond your control!

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! OMG YESSSSSS!!! but also why?
I created a public github repo for anyone who wants to just have an out of the box experience. all you need to do is clone it and change the “YOUR_API_KEY” in index.tsx file just as stated like following the docs

Builder Qwik Start

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No problem! Thanks for sharing that example! This issue is fixed in the latest version as well.

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