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Redirecting root domain to www when using custom Builder domain

I’m successfully hosting my Builder page at www.getadornable.com using the custom domain feature.

I’d like to make sure anyone who types in getadornable.com gets redirected to the the www subdomain. The ALIAS DNS record is ideal for this purpose, but I’m not sure what the ALIAS should point at.

I tried both www.getadornable.com and dns.builder.live as the record’s values. Neither worked.

Any suggestions? I’m using DNSimple for my DNS.

DNSimple supports a proprietary URL record type that does an actual HTTP redirect, as opposed to ALIAS, which attempts to look up the IP address of whatever target URL you’ve set as the record’s value. It only works for HTTP/S connections, which is perfect for my use case.

I solved my problem by creating a URL record type that redirects HTTP/S requests from my apex domain to the www subdomain.

More info: DNSimple Redirector - DNSimple Help

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