Schedule content on CMS Data Model

I am trying to filter the schedule entries on a CMS Data Model but without success.
I am making the request through REST API.

This is some examples of request that i tried:$lte=1679593597
This request return empty results even though i have items with startDate earlier than that timestamp.$or={item={$eq: null}},{item={$lte: 1679593597}}
This request return 500 unknown operator: $or

Does anyone have any idea how to solve this?


Hi @ruimartins,

Welcome to the forum.

Can you try to query using firstPublished or createdDate and see how that works for you?

Thanks for your quick answer @manish-sharma!

Sorry, wrong endpoint.

You can check all items with this endpoint and try to query them by startDate:

Some items have startDate, the ones that are scheduled, plus, the firstPublished or createdDate keys dont tell me the scheduledDate (the date to go live).

Theses requests also don’t work, I get 0 results even though i have items which match this criteria.$lte=1679583996$lte=1679583996

Hi @ruimartins,

We are able to query using startDate:$eq=null

Looks like you have not set startDate or endDate for both the content associated with wissenswelt-poll model. Kindly try to set the startDate and then publish the content to query using startDate.

This also seems to work$lte=1666686608053