Setup subdomain issues

I have set up my subdomain with but we getting error:

These issues we are running into:

Hi @xbrandonpowell Could you please share the associated Space Public API key?


@xbrandonpowell I looked into this, In shared space no model has the preview URL Could you please clarify more on your issue?

You need to provide clear instructions on how to set up the domain. Currently, my layout looks different from others when I watch YouTube tutorials. @garima

Therefore, please create a video or provide step-by-step instructions on how to set up the domain. I’m unsure about the process and need to ensure my team or clients can easily view the website. What do you mean about the space no model? I understand that space is where your website live but what do you mean about no model?

@xbrandonpowell Sorry for any inconvenience!

The subdomain should work the same as a regular domain. You need to integrate the builder into whatever app you are serving from your subdomain.

I meant that the space key you’ve shared has few models but no model has been set with the preview URL of

Here is full documentation on the preview URL Editing an Previewing Your Site -

let me know if you’ve further questions!