Sharma cart is off

How to fix these circles being off center on shopify?

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Do you want to center the text inside these circles, or center the circles themselves?

Can you also share the Builder content link for this page? It looks something like:

Hi yes
I want to center the circles and the sizes in the circles please.

You can center the text in each circle by selecting the “Option Box” layer and editing the css properties to change ‘display’ to ‘grid’ and adding a new property, ‘placeItems’ and setting it to ‘center’.

Layers tab
Style tab

It looks like the circles are already centered on the page, but they are too big to fit on the screen. You can fix this by going into your mobile preview and changing the size of the same “Option Box” layer, for example, to 40px wide and 40px tall.

How do I get to that menu?

In your editor, you can access the CSS Properties in the style tab.

You can access your layers in the layers tab.

Hi I dont see where I can open CSS under option box?

HI can you help please.

If you click on the “Option Box” layer in the layers tab, you can edit the styling for that layer in the right side toolbar under “CSS Properties”

HI Sarah,

I had to delete the whole thing because it wouldn’t add to cart.

We would be happy to help you fix that. With a growth plan you can access 30 days of history for your page so you can easily recover your content: History in - . If you choose to rebuild the section instead, please let us know if you run into this issue again.