Shopify sync error on NON-Shopify page

Builder content link
e.g. Drag and drop Visual CMS

Builder public api key
go to Drag and drop Visual CMS and copy your PUBLIC api key

What are you trying to accomplish
e.g. I want to integrate builder on a landing page

I am trying to publish a 100% non-Shopify page, but it gives me the “error syncing your page to Shopify” popup and will not let me publish.

Code stack you are integrating Builder with
e.g. NextJS, react, Shopify

Screenshots or video link
Screenshots of your issue, or even better a link to a video of what is happening or what you are trying to accomplish. We love using loom for that sort of thing


Hi @ReavoEnd, Thank you for contacting Forum!

We hope you’re doing well!

This error can occur when your page size exceeds the maximum size for a single page. Here page size is above 256 KB that’s the reason for this message. To work around this error, please select an area of content and convert it to a symbol or optimize the image, and video size. This will reduce the page size and allow it to save or publish.

Reasons to convert some content on the page to symbols just in case you haven’t worked with this before.

  1. A symbol allows you to turn any component into reusable content that you can drag and drop onto any page.
  2. Symbols don’t contribute to the file size.

For more details, I recommend checking out these docs:
Introduction to Symbols
How to make a Symbol

We have a forum post on content size,I would recommend you please have a look at that as well: Content Limit Exceeds

Feel free to reach out if you have further questions!

While I do appreciate the instructions for a workaround, why am I receiving this error in the first place? The page in question is NOT part of Shopify, and doesn’t leverage any data from Shopify.

Right, The error is not associated with Shopify. Its builder content page size limit, when the page size you built exceeds the limit of 256 KB then this message shows up and we recommend optimizing the page which cut down the page size!