Content is not saving its throwing a error "We could not save your content"

Hi, I’m getting this error After designing some specific sections “We could not save your content”(Shown in the attached image). Anyone can help us?

Also, I want responsive Design in Builder. As I’m following the Auto Layout system and importing that design in Builder but it’s not responsive for all screen sizes. So Again I tried to make it in Builder from Scratch it showed the same issue. The page is not responsive. So please guide us to the solution for this. as well.

It appears as though you may be experiencing an issue related to page content size. From the screenshot it appears as through you have a fairly large video.
May I suggest utilizing a hosting service and embedding your video.

I’m just attaching Images. No video is added. But the Landing page has 10 sections and here is the size “Width: 1920 pixels, Height: 9434 pixels”

Is there any limit to using images/sections or anything else on one page?

Yes. Currently, the maximum page size limit is roughly 1MB.

So, You mean there is no solution to extend its size? I’m using paid version

The best suggested practice is to convert some of your content to Symbols. Especially repeated content. The merit in symbols is that they are rendered off-page and an API call is then made to produce the content on the page. In this way, we avoid using page bandwidth to generate the symbol converted content. Templates also have a similar reducing affect on page bandwidth.

Relevant Documentation: