Error Uploading A/B Test 'Template content exceeds 256 KB limit.'

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Builder public api key
go to Visual Development Platform and copy your PUBLIC api key

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I want to launch a landing page and A/B test it

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Error: {“errors”:{“asset”:[“Template content exceeds 256 KB limit.”]}}

I have followed the link to the forum topic but I am unsure which category my error is falling under. I have a gif that is over 1MB that I thought might have been the issue but I have been able to upload it onto other pages, so I don’t think that is the issue.

I’m just wondering if anyone can help with this issue? I am unsure if the error is because of the file size of the entire page or the file size of particular elements on the page.

Hi Wes,

Your 1MB GIF won’t contribute to Shopify’s 256 KB limit. As your images and GIFs are accessed via Builder’s content API and rendered by the browser, they aren’t saved to your template.

However, keep in mind that having multiple versions of your page, such as the A/B versioning you’ve implemented, can contribute to the file size limit. For a more in-depth explanation, check out this forum post by Korey. Korey provides insights into this topic and suggests ways to reduce your template’s size.

Additionally, please refer to the documentation here for guidance on resolving this issue.

Hope this helps!