Shopify showing hits on /apps/builder, but I don't drive traffic to this URL

Hello builder forum community,

I’ve been looking at my landing page performance reports in Shopify and I’m seeing tons of sessions going to August Uncommon Tea | Luxury Flavored Loose Leaf Tea and Teaware, which is a blank page. It gets tons of hits and has almost a 100% bounce rate. Here’s a screengrab of the report and the URL.

I’m not driving traffic to this URL. I’ve never entered this URL anywhere. So this is a mystery to me.

I’d love your help in diagnosing what is happening here.

  • Is this a reporting issue between Builder and Shopify? If so, is there a fix?
  • Is it possible that customers are actually being sent to this blank page through an error somewhere? If so, can you suggest a method for a fix? I only have 4 or so active builder pages.

Thank you,

Builder public api key

Hi @ashinn,

This is the Builder proxy, it is used for previewing things that need Shopify data. You can learn more about this and a workaround here.

Thanks for getting back to me. So these sessions are all from the Builder editor? They’re not visitor sessions?

@ashinn Thats right, these sessions are not visitor sessions.

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Ahhhhh thank you. That’s great to know. Have an awesome day.